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The Neurocalm Method 2019™ is an inexpensive treatment system.To understand what good value the method represents, and to appreciate just how reasonable the cost is, it’s important to do a cost comparison with other forms of anxiety and panic treatment.

How Much Does The Neurocalm Method 2019™ Cost?

I would like to address the issue of cost. People earn their living and support themselves in many ways. They are often employed or self-employed in jobs that suit their skills and they are paid in exchange for the work or services they provide. I’m no different. One of the services I provide is making my experience, knowledge and advice available through the Neurocalm Method 2019™. Many other professionals such as doctors, nurses, counsellors and teachers also provide advice and services for which they are paid. You pay these professionals either directly or through your National Insurance and Tax payments. Just like everybody else, I earn a living from my skills, so that I can support myself.


Many people attend counselling sessions to get help with their anxiety problems. The majority of properly qualified counsellors with enough experience to help with these difficult disorders charge between forty and sixty pounds for one session lasting from fifty minutes to an hour. The average number of times that a person with anxiety problems would normally attend counselling is about ten to fifteen sessions. The average cost of that treatment would therefore be a staggering six hundred and twenty five pounds! And if the counselling sessions don’t cure the anxiety problem, the therapist does not refund your hard earned money. Unlike the Neurocalm Method 2019™, when if you are not satisfied for any reason, you can claim a full refund.

Other ways of addressing anxiety problems include the use of prescription medicines. Prescription medication can be helpful in relieving some of the symptoms of anxiety although it doesn’t cure the underlying problems, and it rarely works as a long term solution. With prescription charges at over seven pounds per month the cost of the prescription medication route could cost somewhere in the region of eighty six to one hundred and seventy two pounds for a course of treatment which has been shown to only relieve symptoms in some cases, and to rarely work over the long term. Again, unlike with the Neurocalm Method™, the National Health Service (NHS) will not refund the money you have paid for prescription medications if you are not satisfied with the outcome!

And all of this is available to you, not for hundreds of pounds, but for under the cost of 10 minutes of a counselling session.

Cost Comparison

Sometimes people tell me they can’t afford to purchase the Neurocalm Method™. I would like to put the cost of the Neurocalm Method™ into perspective. It’s priced at £9.99.

This is .............

The cost of only 10 minutes of a therapy session with a qualified Counsellor.

Much less than the amount many people would spend on only 1 night out with friends.

About the same price as only 1 packet of twenty cigarettes.

About the same price as only 1 visit to the cinema for 1 adult (without drinks and snacks).

Less than the price of 1 meal and a drink for 1 adult in a pub-style or inexpensive restaurant.

About the same price as only 1 small half bottle of spirit or liqueur.

One third of the price of only 1 latest PlayStation / Xbox game.

Apart from visiting a therapist, NONE of the other everyday activities listed above offer ANY long term benefits and are over and finished in less than a few hours. Whereas purchasing the Neurocalm Method 2019™ for the same or less money will relieve you of your anxiety (and other) problems and change your life for the better, giving you many long term benefits.

Unlike cinema’s, night’s out with friends, therapy sessions, cigarettes, alcohol, video games and restaurant meals, if you are not satisfied with the Neurocalm Method 2019™………. You will be able to receive a full refund!

The majority of employed people would not consider that they were risking their earnings, or spending their money unwisely by purchasing the normal activities listed above. The cost of the Neurocalm Method 2019™ is moderate when compared to other products offered on the internet. It is true that not everybody feels they can afford the extra expense, but even those on a limited income have to ask themselves; which is worse? Spending another year or more in a state of horribly uncomfortable anxiety (depression or other anxiety related state) or Spending £9.99 ?

I believe that most people would agree that spending £9.99 to end their dreadful symptoms would be the wise choice. It’s worth it …… because the Neurocalm Method™ works!

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The cost of the Neurocalm Method™ is only £9.99

There is nothing further to pay and nothing you will have to purchase in addition.
For your peace of mind, and as I mentioned above, I offer you an unconditional money back guarantee.

Purchase the Neurocalm Method 2019™ and the MP3 Audio's for only £9.95

This unique treatment distils the knowledge and understandings I have gained from over two decades of experience of working with anxiety, panic and other related disorders. It gives understandings, practical strategies and treatments which address the cause of your anxiety problems, rather than just the symptoms. Those understandings, practical strategies and treatments will ensure that your anxiety problems and any symptoms subside and do not return. It's your time to make a change for the better!

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