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"Every so often a treatment method is devised that completely transforms that field of expertise. The Neurocalm Method™ is that treatment method for anxiety"

Here you can find out everything you need to know about Neurocalm Method 2019™. Just click on the links below. If there is something more that you want to ask, please use the Contact us form for a speedy reply.

Do you have Symptoms of Panic and Anxiety?

Some common panic and anxiety symptoms include feeling nervous, restless or tense. Experiencing pains and tingling sensations in various parts of the body. Having a sense of impending danger, panic or doom. Having an increased heart rate. Breathing rapidly, Sweating. Trembling. Feeling weak or tired. Trouble concentrating or thinking about anything other than the present worry.

There are also many more symptoms and signs of panic and anxiety.

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Frequently Asked Questions


David has been working as a Psychotherapist for over twenty years, and during that time many people have asked questions about The Neurocalm Neurocalm Method™.

You can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions to help soothe your worries and allow you to go-ahead with bringing the relief of The Neurocalm Method™ into your life.

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Will the Neurocalm Method 2019™ Really Work?

The Neurocalm Method™ is a different approach to all others that are available at the moment. This method includes the treatments of the others, but in addition it has a completely different approach that tackles the anxiety at it's source!

It's a systematically proven plan developed from over 20 years of personal experience that David has gained from working with clients who suffer from anxiety problems. David also suffered from panic and anxiety attacks for many years, and was able to cure himself as well as countless others.

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What's Included with The Neurocalm Method 2019™

The Neurocalm Method™ ebook and included audio media are arranged so that you can read the book starting at the beginning and work through each chapter in turn. It will also give you the nine essential "Power Tools" which will teach you potent and effective strategies to deal with your particular anxiety problem.

The book is accompanied and enhanced by over 5 hours of MP3 audio files which can be played on computers, tablets and mobile 'phones etc. In addition, you will also receive a useful bonus gift.

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The Neurocalm Method 2019™ Guarantee

To make sure that you will be completely satisfied when you buy the Neurocalm Method, and to ensure your peace of mind, David is delighted to offer you an exceptional guarantee.

If you use the Neurocalm Method™ for up to 3 months and don’t get the promised results, you can return it at any time within the 3 months for a full refund that you will receive within 14 days.

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Gaynor's story:
"I feel the Neurocalm method helped me a lot.

Now, whenever I go somewhere, I tend not to think what is this, what if that, I just go where I have to go."

Cathy's story:
"Now I'm back working full-time, everyday. I never thought I could ever do what I'm doing again. It's like my whole life is different. The Neurocalm method has brought me freedom!"

Tom's story:
"I learned two important things from the Neurocalm method, they are two things that stayed with me, that have become part of my coping skills. It's how I stopped the anxiety attacks."

Marie's story:
"I want to tell you that there is a way out. Panic attacks are not forever.

With the right approach, you can recover."

About David Lloyd-Hoare BSC(Hons) MBACP(Accred)

David has been working as a Psychotherapist for over twenty years, and has extensive experience and qualifications in all areas of psycho-therapeutic treatments.

He is accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and is contracted by the National Health Service and Social Services, working with them as a Psychotherapist and Counsellor.

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The Cost of The Neurocalm Method 2019™

The Neurocalm Method™ is an inexpensive treatment system.

To understand what good value the method represents, and to appreciate just how reasonable the cost is, it’s important to do a cost comparison with both other forms of anxiety and panic treatment, and normal everyday activities.

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Purchase the Complete Neurocalm Method 2019™

The Complete Neurocalm Method™, including the essential MP3 downloads and free bonus gift, distils the knowledge and understandings I have gained from over two decades of experience of working with anxiety, panic and other related disorders. It gives understandings, practical strategies and treatments which address the cause of your anxiety problems, rather than just the symptoms. Those understandings, practical strategies and treatments will ensure that your anxiety problems and any symptoms subside and do not return.

Purchase the CompleteNeurocalm Method 2019™