The Neurocalm Method and Audio MP3’s


A powerful combination of Treatments and understandings accompanied by over five hours of audio MP3’s.


When you buy the Neurocalm Method; you’re not just buying a book and MP3’s. It’s much more than that. You are bringing into your own home over 22 years of therapeutic experience, that’s cured hundreds of Panic Attack, OCD and other anxiety disorder sufferers. You can have the same experience as hundreds of others who have purchased the Neurocalm Method;.  They changed their lives, and so can you.

The Neurocalm Method; book and included audio media are arranged so that you can read the book starting at the beginning and work through each chapter in turn. It will it give you the 9 essential “Power Tools” which will teach you potent and effective strategies to deal with, and cure, your particular anxiety problem. You will discover what’s at the root of your anxiety and panic problems and finally resolve your symptoms. The book is accompanied and enhanced by over 5 hours of MP3 audio files which can be played on your computer, an MP3 player, mobile phones and audio devices, creating a powerful combination for change!

The Neurocalm Method and Audio MP3’s